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2015 Submissions

AW: Over The Herizon Video Game Song
Introductory tune Video Game Song
simple riff Classical Song
Rap Beat (instrumental) R&B Song
Guitar Improv 2 Video Game Song
Generic Chase/escape Video Game Loop
(w0lv)shattered hearts Industrial Song
Viking Battlegrounds Video Game Song
Aerial Warfare: Dogfights Video Game Song
Desert Strike Intro theme Video Game Loop
Boss Battle Medley Video Game Song
Bulletproof Industrial Song
guitar Heavy Metal Song
A new Nightmare Industrial Song
riffage Classical Song
take this Classical Song
sample Classical Song
Guitar Improv Miscellaneous Song
Nazi Death march Industrial Song
Mortal Kombat Demo Video Game Song
zombie apocalypse march Heavy Metal Song
piano-guitar mix Industrial Song
A wave goodbye Miscellaneous Song
Unnatural deception Miscellaneous Song
Flying with angels Miscellaneous Song
first airborne Miscellaneous Song
battle of guitars Industrial Song
meteor showers Industrial Song
march of the mutants Video Game Loop
w0lv Journey into the heart Industrial Song
Orcehstral remedy Industrial Song
w0lv - in times despair Video Game Song
the Weed Rap Hip Hop - Modern Song
Life Changing Journey Industrial Song
Michael Myers Theme Video Game Loop
dark imprisonment Video Game Song
The 2nd Pursuit Video Game Song
Sonic 2 robotnik boss Video Game Loop
The Heroes serenade Video Game Song
rpg boss battle Video Game Loop
Calming the Storm Video Game Song
Enter in The Dungeon Video Game Song
rise on the warfront Video Game Song
saw theme redub Voice Demo Loop
ambient noise Video Game Song
Quantum Crossover Miscellaneous Song
saving the one you love Video Game Song
Going the Distance Video Game Song
killer Klowns from Mars Video Game Loop
revenge of the fallen one Video Game Song
Fight till the death Video Game Song
Classic Outrage Video Game Song
Crazed Focus Video Game Loop
BEAST!!!!!! Techno Song
Chasing the Dream Techno Song
Epic Song Video Game Song
Sorrow Hope Techno Song